Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie is a deeply transformative process of inquiry… WWW.THEWORK.COM

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25 Responses to Byron Katie

  • ashtavakra51 says:

    @leicbri : Or,someone with an arterial bleeding looses as much blood as they loose;or,someone in a gas chamber,inhales as much poison as they inhale.It seems to? me you represent an advaitic-blind -to -suffering standpoint.

  • leicbri says:

    @ashtavakra51 Or, we could notice that someone who has insomnia gets as much sleep as they? get. And someone without insomnia gets as much sleep as they get.

  • ashtavakra51 says:

    I once read a dialogue by Katie with a woman suffering from C.F.I.D.S.who ,due to her insomnia,had become dependent on sleeping pills.Katie said:”No one gets less sleep than they need”.I recommend that Katie goes into solitary retreat to investigate her own? numerous assumptions ( she should know the method by now).To me,she’s just an example of the epidemic of petty teachers.

  • Doriesep6622 says:

    Well, I certainly don’t feel free. Try being the mom of a drug? addict.

  • anatureperson says:

    @phwins? I would say that using language precludes all from freedom. Language is bondage because it is duality. Open your mouth and you’re in the world of two. Keep it closed and the world is disappears.

  • derekgornall says:


  • TheMagicEast says:

    @presentlightoftruth ur a complete idiot, not even your own supposed god can save? you, wow

  • TheMagicEast says:

    just? turn it around

  • exwaan says:

    Please you? all run away from this woman as hard as you can.

  • miloserdie100 says:

    @phwins Really. There is one clip where the poor woman cries, opening her heart. I was once on her place. It is disgusting, other person feeds on your weakness and ? pain (as all doctors), but it is false authority (medicine). The place of priests was borrowed by psychologists who superficially understand a problem. Thanks, that psychologists dig these depths. But…. freedom – in other direction.

  • 30millionwinner says:

    sooooo Happy this is easy to remember.?

  • alltherereallyis says:

    If I can’t be sure a certain thought about reality is true, then by definition I can’t be sure the converse of that thought is true, which means the only thing I can be sure of is that I have a thought. But for Katie, the thought itself IS reality – the external world does not exist independent of thought which means that she may only be? a projection of your mind and she doesn’t really exist. If by her own philosophy we can’t be sure she exists, why should we take what she says seriously?

  • YRivera1 says:

    Wow! She has such? a presence and stillness to her.

  • Precisechi says:

    Arguing with? reality you loose 100% of the time….I agree…and you have the ability to create your reality. We are so powerful.

  • neroli528 says:

    Wow. Great? story.

  • BlackflowerOmega says:

    thats? perfect well said x

  • BlackflowerOmega says:

    The point is to not? believe what the mind is usually saying , because it isn’t usually right . It’s just a defense mechanism to survive , I don’t know about you but I know life is about more than simply surviving

    I hope someone can explain it better than that ;)

  • BlackflowerOmega says:

    Once you realize that your conciseness is set? apart from the mind it makes a great deal of sense.

    The truth IS simple , it’s always my mind that wants to fight that truth, which is cool because it’s programed through evolution to do just that .

  • BlackflowerOmega says:

    I love your comment ;)

    For me I love? the fact she just wants to believe the truth ” what is real” … nothing else matters but the truth x

  • BlackflowerOmega says:

    I truly believe she wouldn’t flinch , I think she would accept whatever might happen , because whatever would happen would be the reality that she embraces unconditionally .

    Saying that I know nothing , I’m just a random flawed person , but I would love? her peace. x

  • Byrontheone says:

    thinking is the? essence of passion. you wonder . . .

  • psychicdreams says:

    like a? broken record

  • LeCanadienerrant says:

    Are you absolutely sure that it is truth? ?
    Turn this though around
    Who would you be without that thought ?

    See now Byron katie is so dynamic, intelligent and (lame what is that ?)
    Well you see what I mean

  • zazezalo says:

    it gets us back to who we are. Thoughts arent who we are. You wanna test it out? Whos the one thinking them? We question? the thoughts because thoughts are imagination–purely illuisonary. The entire human world is constructed upon thoughts. Not a bad thing? Look at the world as it is today, do you like what you see? Yes, it could be much worse, but the fact is…someone will point blank KILL you because they believe a thought in their head (“you wronged me. its time for payback”). Is that sane?

  • psychicdreams says:

    so redundant,absurd,lame?