Hi, my name is Kari and I am the proud grandma of 3 boys that keep me active and healthy. Some of my past times include gardening, bicycling, camping, and thrift shopping……. although I only get to enjoy some of my hobbies year-round as I live in Canada and our warmer seasons are not very long. I work as an office manager for a small business in my community where I just recently started as a way of slowing down the pace of my life. This slower pace is one of the ways that enables me to keep a job and take care of my mental health.

Why I Launched This Website

I launched this website because I watched my mother suffer from anxiety and depression her whole life and when I got into my early 20s I also started feeling hopeless. Now my daughter is the same as my mother was, she suffered daily with one or the other, or both. These symptoms can be manageable, moderate, or downright debilitating for some. Both symptoms can affect your quality of life and physical health. How you choose to deal with them is entirely up to you and can range from pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies, cannabis oil, diet, exercise, meditation, therapy…..and the list is endless. For the women in my life, we have all chosen different ways of coping and I would like to share some of the things that we have done, and also provide other choices. However you chose to cope, it’s your journey and you know your body and mind.

How I Aim To Help

I aim to provide some of the options that are available to learn how to manage and live with anxiety and depression which often go hand in hand. Not everything works the same for everyone and your doctor can be a great start, but that often isn’t enough.